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Visibility, 2022, interactive videosculpture with sound

Stainless steel, glass. 180 x 180 x 150 cm

3x synchro LED projectors

January 6, 2022 – December 15, 2022

Curator: Marie Foltýnová

Artwork for the SOKL Project is funded from the Art for the City Program

Fake news can influence our minds and behaviour. They exploit and manipulate us, usually for market or political interests of interested groups that we do not recognise in the news. Today, we can trust intelligent algorithms that can detect unwanted news faster than humans. A video-object resembling a city lamp, like a weather detector, symbolically, warns us about the increased activity of Czech fake news portals. Whenever the lamp receives a warning impulse from the network about new activity of sensation-seeking or manipulative websites, a storm sets in, reducing visibility in the surrounding public space. At that moment we should rely more on our orientation and ability to enhance the “visibility“ around us.

The installation was made possible thanks to the support of the Prague City Hall and the Municipal Library, which we thank for the opportunity to place the artwork in the arcade of its building.

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Visibility, outdoor public space instalation in the corner between Municipal library and GHMP in Prague

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