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Trip, 2008, videocollage, fullHD video

3 min. 5 s

sound by: Adam Stanko.


The work consists of a short video sequence mixing the familiar elements of a city with commonplace objects, which together become a natural architecture. This strange cityscape, viewed from a moving train, is one that can be found all around us in reality, scattered at various levels of detail, albeit in slightly different forms and contexts. The train ride is also a peculiar cocktail of my own experiences, feelings and emotions from several stages of my life, placed into slightly different contexts and can thus be viewed as a kind of surrealist painting.


solo exhibitions

Walburger gallery, Brussels, Belgium. (Tree relief, Trip, Generator p-730, Fossil)

Sediment II, Arthobler gallery, Porto & Lisbon , Portugal. (Sediment Sphere, Cultures, Reactor, Trip, Generator p-730)

group exhibitions


And_Writers, First Nanjing Biennale, curated by Zhu Tong, Wonil Rhee & Eleonora Battiston, Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, China. 
About Architecture, curated by Georg Elben, Plan project 10 – Forum aktueller Architektur in Köln, Germany (Trip)
Video Art Screening, Roppongi Art Night, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. (Generator p-730, Trip, Cultures)


Destination X, Museum of World Cultures, Göteborg, Sweden. (Trip)

Narracje,  Installations and Interventions in Public Space, Gdansk, Poland. (Trip)
Videonale 12, Bonn, Switzerland. (Trip)

Happy house or Miner Repairs to the World, KIT- Kunst im Tunnel, Dusseldorf (Trip)

Spectator Novus, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ. (Trip, Activ sediment)
Moje Evropa, DOX, Prague, CZ & EESC, Brussels, Belgium. (Trip)
Czech Center New York, New York, United States of America. (Trip, Cultures)

Spectator Novus, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ. (Trip, Activ sediment)


Code 5808, Laterna Magika, Prague, CZ. (Trip)
Affirmation Art Space, presentation of Tina-B festival, New York, USA. (Ayahuasca, Trip, Culture)


art festivals

Hamburg Art week, Hamburg, Germany. (Trip, Magnetic Stone, Landscape)

Repair – ready to pull the lifeline, Ars Electronica 2010 – Festival for Art, Technology and Society, Linz, Austria. (Trip)

art fairs


Art Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany. (Metropolia, Trip, Culture- Sprout)


Kunst Zurich, Switzerland (Sediment Sphere, Trip, Cultures)

The Solo project Basel, Basel, Switzerland. (Reactor, Sediment Sphere, Trip)

Munich Contempo, art fair, Munich, Germany. (Active Sediment, Fossil, Trip)

Art Vilnius 09, Vilnius, Lithuania. (Trip, Cultures)

Next art fair, Chicago, United States of America. (Ayahuasca, Trip)
Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland. (Trip, Brainstorming)
Art Fair, Film Festival in Cannes, France. (Trip, Brainstorming)



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