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Reactor, 2008, videosculpture with sound

plexigass, 130 x 120 x 30 cm, 8 min loop

photo: artist's archive.


I randomly selected a broadcast television programme. For me that serves as a kind of symbol or artefact of our time. Its effect, spread around the entire world, in principle has an unfailing influence on a lot of people and has the potential powerfully to change the collective consciousness of our planet.

The television emitter that people sometimes powerlessly and unwittingly stare at, sometimes even as though gazing at an omniscient light, is overcharged in this hypnotic vortex. A fundamental difference, for example, from the Internet is that we can only listen to this one-way vortex but there is no way that conversely through it we can respond. Thus I aim to emphasise it here with respect to the position of the ordinary viewer as something that is an already uncontrollable natural phenomenon, full of colours, rhythms and authentic sounds.

solo exhibitions

Sediment II, Arthobler gallery, Porto, Portugal (Sediment Sphere, Cultures, Reactor, Trip, Generator p-730)
Sediment II, Arthobler gallery, Lisbon, Portugal (Sediment Sphere, Cultures, Reactor, Trip, Generator p-730)

Reactor, Vernon Project, Prague, CZ (Reactor)

group exhibitions

Zlínský salon mladých, Zlín, CZ (Reactor)
Waldburger gallery, Brussel, Belgium (Reactor)


Tina-B, International festival, alternative space in Prague, CZ (Reactor)



art fairs

Contempo art fair, Munich, Germany (Meadow, Reactor, Magnetic Stone, Liana)


The Solo project Basel, Basel, Switzerland (Reactor, Sediment Sphere, Trip)
ARCO, art fair Madrid, Madrid, Spain (Sediment Sphere, Reactor, Processes)


Pulse Art fair, New York, United States of America (Active Sediment, Reactor)

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