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commission for Prague ZOO, EXPO 2015 Milan, Italy

concrete, 300 x 300 x 230 cm

photo: artist's archive

However, in this day and age, Prague Zoo is no longer just an attractive tourist destination: it is an institution pursuing long-term efforts to save endangered animal species. It manages studbooks for 14 animal species and participates in projects to protect wild animal populations and their natural habitats. Under some of its conservation projects, endangered animals are released into the wild in their original homelands.

Its flagship projects are represented by the “e-Bolid”. In this sculpture, which stands around three meters tall, visitors will find a total of seven crevices, in each of which they can see captivating footage of various animals and their native habitats – animals and habitats to the protection of which Prague Zoo has a long-standing commitment. 

What is more, three of e-Bolid’s screening crevices are able to conjure up 3D optical illusions. Special cameras capture the position of the viewer’s head and shift the video layers to match his eye movements.

text Prague ZOO

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