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Brainstorming 2007, videosculpture with sound
plexiglass, 90 x 120 x 130 cm, 5 min. loop

photo: artist's archive.


A random code of rapid blasts of information creates a pulsating image, registering on the matt sections of the object. Among other things, I am trying to get close to visions I have personally experienced. In detail, they are composed of a great deal of subliminal information. I had them mostly as a child on the backdrop of similar morphing 3D objects just before falling asleep. While observing the spontaneous whole I could feel the substantial and emotional charge of every vibrating detail. 



group exhibitions

Young and digital, ”Ayahuasca, Brainstorming, Cultures”, Byblos gallery, Verona, Italy

art fairs

Arte Fiera, Bologna, Italy (Brainstorming, Time crust)
Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland (Trip, Brainstorming)
Art Fair, during Film Festival in Cannes, France (Trip, Brainstorming)

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