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Active Sediment, 2008, videosculpture with sound 

natural stone, 50x70x65 cm, 20 min. loop

photo: artist’s archive.

Active Sediment

New reality sometimes appears to be ephemeral. Illusion intertwines with reality. Information is now constantly being stored – deposited – in digital form for perpetuity. The principle of intangible digitalisation is also one that is most often employed in the transcription of this new reality. Active Sediment is a metaphor for my feelings and for what is happening around us. Just as information about an ancient event is recorded in   alayer of rock, the digital reality of our era is ceaselessly being stored in some location. Everything we see, all that we come into contact with, is being passed on and has some kind of influence on the future. All that we emit bundles together to form a fertile layer, spawning further evolution. Thus for me even this apparently immaterial digital illusion constitutes a reality that is physically stored for eternity, as if in an active stratum. This is the sediment of our present era, of one stage of our superorganism’s natural development. In this work, a video consisting of a randomly selected television programme disseminates through rock according to a principle similar to those guiding a tremor propagating through the earth or communication between the smallest particles in nature. A principle akin to that of a relay, or the chain reaction of tumbling dominos.



solo exhibitions


Sediment, Galerie Alain Le Gaillard, Paris, France (Interlinked Sediment, Active Sediment, Cultures, Generator p-730)
Processes, Trafo gallery, Prague, CZ (Active Sediment, Processes, Auras of Communities)

group exhibitions


Spectator Novus, Palace Adria, Prague, CZ (Trip, Active sediment)
Nanoscope, DOX, Prague, CZ (Ayahuasca, Active sediment)
Nanoscope, University of science, Pardubice, CZ (Active Sediment)


New & Diferent, Galerie Vernon, Padova, Italy (Active Sediment, Sediment Sphere)



art fairs


Munich Contempo, art fair, Munich, Germany (Active Sediment, Fossil, Trip)


Pulse Art fair, New York, United States of America (Active Sediment, Reactor)


Sanghai Art Fair, China (Ayahuasca, Active sediment)
Beijing Art Salon, China (Ayahuasca, Active sediment)

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